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Convivial for GovCMS is an advanced starting point for GovCMS sites. View the site with Australian Government Design System or Bootstrap 5.


Walk through the pages bellow to explore various components which Convivial for GovCMS can offer you.


Components and features that make up teh foundations of Convivial for GovCMS.


Components are reusable widgets which allow editors to build flexible pages which contain a variety of rich content and functionality. Convivial ships with a standard set of components which have been designed to suit may of the common requirements of Government sites.

Modifiers allow editors to change the presentation of content by altering the background, colours and other aspects of the content. No custom theming is required for these effects as they are all editor configurable.
Various devices

Responsive images are images which are able to adapt to the device they are being shown in. They will change in size depending on the width and resolution of the device. Convivial ships with a wide range of different images and captions which are able to perform well in a variety of situations and devices.
Two user icons

Editors are able to change the content with convenient dropdown styles. This page demonstrates some of the helpful styles which make it easy to build custom pages.
View modes

View modes define how content is displayed in its various forms. Convivial ships with a wide range of view modes which give editors easy control how they wish to display content. This is particularly helpful for building out landing pages which need to highght content and link off to other parts of the site.

Content types

The starter content types which ship with Convivial for GovCMS support a wide range of functionality out of the box.


Test article with general content relevant to all audiences.

Test event with general content relevant to all audiences.

Special pages

Various testing pages which roadtest specific functionality.


Demonstrates how normal pages can be uplifted to support teh aggregation of content such as articles and events.

Demonstrates the sidebar menu in action with a number of levels of nesting.

Demonstrates how normal content and components combine with correct mrgins and paddings to achieve a good sense of vertical rythm.

This is a campaign page with a custom header and special styling.